Three FAQs about hardwood refinishing

Three FAQs about hardwood refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing is an integral part of life with hardwood floors. It can bring back the beauty of the materials, giving you a great look for years to come.

But it can ensure the lifespan of the flooring as well. So, here are three questions, along with their answers, for your consideration.

1. How does the process start?
The first step is to establish the need for wood floor refinishing. Some conditions are apparent, and others are harder to see with the eye.

Once it's time to refinish, the first step is sanding floors, which strips away years of wear and abuse. Next, stain color, texture, and finish are added for a stunning finish.

2. How long does hardwood refinishing take?
The hardwood floor refinishing process time can vary from homeowner to homeowner. The project size, finish type, and more can affect the time.

From start to finish, the process can take from five days to two weeks. However, we'll give you a more accurate time estimation once you choose your materials and services.

3. How long does a new finish last?
Once wood floor refinishing is done, you can expect the finish to last 10 years or more. But, of course, this depends on your in-house traffic and other surface-affecting situations.

It's far more affordable than replacing your floors and gives you a gorgeous visual. So, be sure to ask even more questions when you visit us.

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