Carpet is one of the most popular, cost effective and easy to install floorings on the market. Carpet is considered a very versatile floor covering and is relatively easy to clean and maintain. There are many varieties of carpet available, and you are sure to find one that suits your style, life and will enhance your living space. An easy way to keep your carpeted home feeling fresh and exciting is to update it with a new style or color. There are many varieties of carpet that can breathe life into and spice up your home décor from the ground up. Nix Flooring & Design in Bluffton, SC has you covered with a wide array of carpets to choose from. Our experts can talk to you about Brushed, Plush and Hand-woven carpets to update and enhance your floors, as well as bring a cohesive look that highlights your sense of style.

When you’re looking for carpet, there are a few things you might want to consider on your quest. Here are a few facts about carpets to help you in your hunt for the perfect carpet for you.

Brushed Carpet: As one of the more popular floor coverings, Brushed Carpets are medium pile and are fairly easy to maintain. The luscious velvety texture of brushed carpets makes brushes silky smooth to the touch, and the pile height ensures that this style of carpet is resistant to staining, and requires less overall maintenance, compared to other styles of carpets including plush and shag.

Plush Carpet: Plushes are thick extravagant carpet but are also incredibly durable. The sturdy nature of Plush Carpet makes them ideal for families, as they can take a beating. Plush carpets are categorized as a thick pile carpet. Plushes are soft and warm and bring a lavish feel to the space as well.

Hand Woven Carpet: Hand Woven Carpets are known for their intricate design and offer an incredible style to your home. Hand woven carpet is a great fit in low traffic areas as their flatter structure make them more apt to staining. Adding the style and flair of hand-woven carpet will freshen up any room.

Our goal at Nix Flooring & Design is to provide you with the highest quality and style of flooring to fit your home and taste.

Nix Flooring & Design specializes in installing Hardwood, Carpet, Vinyl, Tile, Laminate and Engineered Wood. We aim to serve our clients in Hilton Head, Bluffton and Ridgeland. We are locals here in the low country of South Carolina and know how best to serve our community. Whether your project is to improve the value of your permanent residence or to create a high-quality feel for a vacation home or rental we are your flooring specialists. Call us at (843) 645-1649 we are standing by and ready to get your home flooring project started.


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