Flooring installation


Preparing home for installation

• Carefully pack and box all loose belongings and put into temporary storage area (garage, attic space, unit etc)
• Detach all wall art, pictures and hanging items due to vibrations from tools/work activity
• Remove and carefully store in acclimated area electronics, appliances & computers etc
• Bottoms of closets should be cleared as well as all hanging contents removed.
• Our crew is not responsible for items not cleared from work space/area.

Work environment

• Our team needs a clear/open area accessible for storage of machines, tools and waste materials during the projects process. This area could be a back porch/deck or garage.
• Electrical access/power is a necessity in the work space as well as the storage areas where machine will be in operation.
• Temperature of job site should be set to a minimum of 65F 48 hours prior to commencement of project as well as 48 hour upon completion.

Preparing your baseboards

Please be aware that floor thickness varies and height could affect existing baseboard measurements particularly against the walls. Our crew is not responsible for the aftermath which will likely require painting/touch ups etc.

Unforeseen circumstances

We call these discovery items. There’s no way to know if there’s issues below the surface lurking in places we cannot see until materials are removed. An example of this would be damaged subfloor as a result of water intrusion or moisture. Upon any discoveries evidence of findings will be presented prior to moving forward with project. Customer is solely responsible for covering the additional costs of correcting the issues before moving forward.



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Nix Flooring and Design is not responsible for installation or removal of wires or cable lines beneath the flooring. Furthermore - wiring or cable under the floors will result in voiding the manufacturer warranty.

Kindly make crews aware of existing wires or cable lines to avoid cutting or damage from flooring installation process

Structural defects

Nix Flooring and Design is not responsible for existing structural defects or any issues that are discovered or surface outside of contracted agreement. Additionally we can not and will not be held responsible for properties that are not in compliance with current building codes. An example of this would be if plumbing measures closer to flooring than building codes allow/recommend and a tool or nail penetrates causing the pipes to leak - we are NOT responsible.


Nix Flooring and Design cannot be held responsible for breaking/damage of moldings/quarter round when existing flooring is removed or flooring is installed over top.

Pattern and color matching

There will likely be some differences in variation, shade and/or characteristics between the sample selection and the product delivered to your home. Industry standards make allowances for manufacturers discretion.

We are at the mercy of construction and the unfortunate reality is most walls are crooked. Even slightly crooked walls will result in parallel patterns not being perfectly symmetrical.

If the homeowner has specific requirements for how the materials are to be installed we'll need in writing the desired pattern placement/direction of the product. If there is no instruction the installers will use their professional judgement/experience to determine direction and/or placement.

Squeaky floors

Flooring installers are not licensed to repair squeaky subfloors or wall structures. If there is evidence or concern of squeaky floors - homeowner is responsible for addressing with the contractor of their choice prior to installation of new flooring.
Flooring Installation in Bluffton & Ridgeland, SC from Nix Flooring & Design

Doors and baseboards

It may be necessary to remove doors during the installation process and put them back upon completion. We cannot however make adjustments to doors by cutting or shaving if the floor is too high and we are not responsible for large gaps under baseboards or door jams if the newly installed floor is lower than what was there prior.

Unavoidable circumstances

Sometimes the force/tools used to remove and install new products causes vibrations that result in cracking of wall moldings (wainscoting for example) and popping of some loose drywall nails. We call these issues unavoidable and we cannot be held responsible. Homeowner will need to make arrangements for repair/replacement with their trusted trim carpenter.

After installation inspection

Upon completion we encourage a "walk through" with your installation crew and then your sales associate. This is to ensure the job is to your satisfaction and the site is Payment is due promptly.