Dustless sanding


Dustless Sanding in Bluffton & Ridgeland SC

Floor sanding has come a long way over the years. The process from start to finish was long and dirty. Experts in the industry developed tools and machines to minimize dust and air contaminants by attaching a vacuum system while sanding the hardwood. The dust containment is a much healthier option and attractive to customers especially who suffer from asthma and allergies since the particles make their way into central heating and air systems.

Not to be mistaken with “dust-free” this process lessens the amount of dust by about 99%. There will be light layers on surfaces upon completion but no need for a typical construction clean. We are fortunate to be able to offer this service to our customers.

Dustless hardwood refinishing in Ridgeland, SC

It is difficult to match the sheer beauty of a sanded wooden floor. Finished with a varnish or protected with a matt coating, this is the best way to bring a tired older wooden floor to life. But sanding a floor is hard work, creates a colossal amount of dust and dirt, and takes a lot longer than you may bargain for.

That’s how it was, but if you talk to Nix Flooring and Design about our dustless sanding service, you’ll see that the industry has moved on a long way in just a short few years. The development of sanding devices with attached vacuum units means we can provide you with a service that cuts down the dust by 99%, which is a great advance for clients who suffer asthma or allergies and makes cleanup a snap.



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Professional floor sanding service

A prolonged problem with the older method of sanding is that the dust particles make their way into heating and air conditioning systems. This means they are simply recirculated long after the sanding has been completed, bringing further distress to those in the home for some time.

The Nix Flooring sanding technicians are experts in the process who will ensure that the fine layer of dust that remains on surfaces is cleaned away before the affected systems have a chance to ingest it. You’ll find our personnel to be professional, courteous, and friendly at all times, and we do all we can to keep disruption to a minimum and leave your property clean and ready to use, with a glorious new finish to your floor!

Free no obligation quote

No two floor sanding jobs are the same. The quote we give you for the necessary work – which is a free and carries no obligation to use our services – will be influenced by the type and area of the floor in question. If you have a floor or floors that you are thinking of restoring in this way, talk to one of the team at Nix Flooring and we’ll arrange to visit and give you a price that we believe you will be pleasantly surprised with.