Vinyl flooring

An incredible flooring choice for the Kitchen and Bathroom is vinyl flooring. Thrifty in nature, vinyl provides your home with a durable flooring choice that is cost-effective and holds up to wear and tear. Our Nix Flooring & Design experts are experienced in educating you in the best flooring options for your needs.

What is vinyl? Vinyl is a durable, affordable and easy to install flooring material that can effortlessly suit any style or need. Vinyl commonly resembles a thick tiled floor and comes in a variety of color choices. Vinyl in the kitchen or bath is an obvious choice, since its durability allows it to hold up to the demands in those areas, not to mention cleanup is a dream with vinyl flooring.

Installation is a cinch with vinyl floors and can save you time and money as there are fewer material and labor costs associated with this style of floor covering. Rest assured that vinyl flooring can withstand wear and tear and is resistant to scratches, chips and dents. This lightweight flooring option is a superior choice when considering floor options for home remodeling projects.

Vinyl is an economical choice of flooring because it is incredibly durable and stands the test of time. Vinyl floors can hold up to high traffic as well as being capable of holding heavy furniture and equipment. At Nix Flooring & Design, SC we can assist you in choosing the right vinyl floor for your kitchen, bath and more.

Nix Flooring & Design specializes in installing Hardwood, Carpet, Vinyl, Tile, Laminate and Engineered Wood. We aim to serve our clients in Hilton Head, Bluffton and Ridgeland. We are locals here in the low country of South Carolina and know how best to serve our community. Whether your project is to improve the value of your permanent residence or to create a high-quality feel for a vacation home or rental we are your flooring specialists. Call us at (843) 645-1649 we are standing by and ready to get your home flooring project started.


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